27 April 2014

Desert: Cavatina

As I walk through this life’s vast desert,
crying lonely,
mirage and moonscape blur my vision.
Moving slowly,
in wilderness without hope and support,
dying only.
Dusty -harsh winds blow, wither- tear me,
water, dew, shade or rain drops, none I see.  
Sauntering ahead in land of unknown,
something glistens,
it’s not an illusion, spirit or maze,
at a distance.
Guides me further, paves my path, calms me down,
my plea he listens.
Oh! great god - pious and gracious,
you are where I find my oasis.

A cavatina is an Italian form consisting of a ten syllable non rhyming line alternating with a four syllable rhyming line, at least three times and completed with a ten syllable line couplet.

06 April 2014

An Everlasting Love...............

Heaven or Earth,
You’ll only be mine in every birth.

Long before destinies were written,
your name in my heart was deeply hidden.
Whenever dark clouds surrounded me,
you became the shining sun with glee.
You held me when I tripped,
cared for me when my soul was ripped.
I always felt you in my arms,
healed under your soft warmth.
My dreams, my thoughts all coloured with you,
every word dipped in your hue.
Many lives we traversed,
you were the one whom I loved.

Like an ever expanding universe,
I’ll love you like an everlasting love………………………….....