27 March 2014

Swan’s Wait: Dizain

A swan in the blue skies,
sees green meadows, colourful flowers,
with its beautiful eyes.
After flying for hours,
it sits beneath a pollen shower.
Balmy breeze spreads fragrance,
aromatising surroundings and shrub fence.
Little froggy croaks aloud,
looking for a feisty chance,
jumps into water to catch a trout.

Hustle and bustle of river bank,
deer, birds, beers and elephants,
drinking water as per rank.
Bees, termites, cuckoos or ants,
all singing their wise chants.
These scenes elate the swan,
her heart jumps like a fawn,
as there’s an end to her wait,
from morning to noon, from dusk till dawn,
she finds her eternal soulmate.
Dizain: Originally a French form made up of eight syllable lines, but later ten syllable lines were also used. The rhyme scheme is: a. b. a. b. b. c. c. d. c. d.


  1. smiles...swans always get me...my wife was a ballerina for years and i have watched swan lake so many times....nice use of form in this....nature is such an inspiration....

    1. lovely...love all the life in this one...so much to take in there on the banks of the lake...

  2. Enchanting :) I am in awe of swans, so, so, graceful on the water and so clumsy out of the water :)

  3. you've framed Nature in perfect rhyme scheme...Nature expressed in Her word form ....love the phrase 'eternal soulmate'...

  4. I love swans. We don't get too many of them where I live

  5. Swans are so graceful, what a pretty poem :)

  6. nice... i find swans just amazing majestic and elegant creatures... but i like that you include all the frogs and bees and ants as well... they all sing their own song and together such a wonderful symphony

  7. I am going to try this form. Well done!

  8. So many beautiful images of nature. I especially like how you described the swan. Such a graceful bird.

  9. I always love a poem full of creatures!

  10. I was out kayaking today and the water was filled with swans.. they are actually a little scary.. but they are beautiful birds..

  11. A beautiful poem filled with images of nature..I like the symbolism behind a swan..

  12. I love the nature scenes ~ I was at the park yesterday and saw some swans gliding ~ And a beautiful form too ~


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