27 March 2014

Swan’s Wait: Dizain

A swan in the blue skies,
sees green meadows, colourful flowers,
with its beautiful eyes.
After flying for hours,
it sits beneath a pollen shower.
Balmy breeze spreads fragrance,
aromatising surroundings and shrub fence.
Little froggy croaks aloud,
looking for a feisty chance,
jumps into water to catch a trout.

Hustle and bustle of river bank,
deer, birds, beers and elephants,
drinking water as per rank.
Bees, termites, cuckoos or ants,
all singing their wise chants.
These scenes elate the swan,
her heart jumps like a fawn,
as there’s an end to her wait,
from morning to noon, from dusk till dawn,
she finds her eternal soulmate.
Dizain: Originally a French form made up of eight syllable lines, but later ten syllable lines were also used. The rhyme scheme is: a. b. a. b. b. c. c. d. c. d.

19 March 2014

Ancient Tree

Oh! mighty “Peepal” tree,
none is as wise as thee.

Since, ages you have given -
enlightenment, wisdom and vision.

Your one pious touch,
can heal a heart, hurt so much.

The amaranthine blessings you shower,
give life an unending power.

Saints meditate beneath your shade,
gaining strength to wade.

King of trees you are,
like the pole star, among all stars.

We bow to thee,
Oh! mighty “Peepal” tree.

Ficus religiosa is called “Peepal” in Hindi language. It is a sacred tree in Hinduism and is worshipped all over India.