05 February 2014

Wiping the Trace: Glosa

I am trying to wipe out the trace left by you,
its every facet, its every hue.
Imprints of that trace etched deeply in my heart,
my every creation glossed with its art.

Paintings on my canvas, all so dim,
a cup full of sorrow till its brim.
Never shines a rainbow in my part, just a dull blue,
I am trying to wipe out the trace left by you.

For years I waited, cried for you,
every emotion shattered nothing to sew.
My feeling is not false, but true,
its every facet, its every hue.

Pieces of my soul lie here and there,
lost in illusion, don’t know to go where.
Memories of you hurt like a dart.
imprints of that trace etched deeply in my heart,

A brisk wind flows carrying your incense,
still you reside in my each sense.
Your song resounds my loneliness from end to start,
my every creation glossed with its art.

Glosa is a Spanish form of poetry ,consisting of a line or a short stanza called cabeza (or texto), stating the theme of the poem and followed by one stanza for each line of the cabeza explaining or glossing that line and often adding a refrain as the last line.
The cabeza may be any length or rhyme scheme and the poet is free to choose any other form. Loosely the glosa is any poem expanding in the theme presented at the opening stanza and usually repeating one or more of the lines of that stanza.


  1. i have written this one before.....i look at it as filling in the story between the lines.....you pull it off well, particularly in the last stanza....

  2. Sometimes it takes a while to erase those traces, but until then it can be quite painful indeed.

  3. This is one form I would like to write to ~ Very nice use of the ending lines to power your words ~ Happy Wednesday ~

  4. Such a sad but beautiful poem as well.

  5. Thanks for sharing. I did not realize how many forms of poetry exist.

  6. such a heartfelt poem of love and erasure!

    i enjoyed it so much!

    stacy lynn mar

  7. every facet, every hue
    you have captured just that!

  8. i felt a lot of emotion in your words

  9. Beautiful and very inspiring!


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