09 February 2014

Forest Princess

Thou shall live in my heart for eternity,
I ride the unicorn o’er and above the hills,
beside a lake I wait to gaze at your reflection,
drinking dew from ferns, I quench my thirst.
In this vast forest I roam like a doe,
jumping around the boulders making my way,
on the tender leaves I fly with wind,
beneath bindweed’s petals lie my abode,
I feel your presence clinging to its node.
When the sun shines I see thy face,
at moonrise thy face I seek,
mine soul pledged to thee forever and ever….
and thou shall live in my heart for eternity.


  1. ah a beautiful love in a very fanciful scene...i like the riding of unicorn...and the prancing like a doe...love will def do that to you...smiles.

  2. Sita taking self exile to forest,
    With Ram in her heart to rest.

  3. Sounds like a forest fairy!

  4. Such a lovely poem Vandana :)

  5. Oh this was amazing! So dreamy and wonderful! I loved, loved, loved it! :-)

  6. So fabulously romantic, beautiful!

  7. This is very touching!

  8. Your words paint a beautiful picture in my mind, Thank you for sharing such a lovely write... smiles.


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