25 January 2014

O! Butterfly:Quatern

O! butterfly,  to where you  fly?
I see you rise to reach the clouds,
to kiss the mist, drink sunshine,
fluttering past watery mounds.

On to petals falling like dew,
O! butterfly, to where you fly?
imparting colours all so bright,
air filled with love and delight.

Hopping on flowers,
carrying the pollen,
O! butterfly to where you fly?
spreading life in and around.

Nectary juices flow abound,
buds of lilies surround with smile,
there you go flying  miles,
O! butterfly to where you fly?
A sixteen line French form composed of four quatrains. The first line of stanza one is the second line of stanza two, third line of stanza three & fourth line of stanza four. Eight syllables per line .


  1. butterflies are some of my favs...little sky dancers in their beautiful dresses...you capture it well and nice job on the form too...

  2. I just love to watch butterflies flying. They do hope sometimes as well, as you mentioned in your poem. They are just fragile and gentle beings.

  3. they are so pretty. I love to watch them flitting about in meadows with no particular place to go

  4. Lovely poem on a butterfly’s flight. :)

  5. Reading your poem, I imagined the butterflies painting the morning as part of their greeting.

  6. Beautiful write, made me smile.

  7. An excellent Quatrain, Vandana. You kept the meter well.
    And I followed your butterfly where I could, that is a rarity.

  8. a poetic dance, you poem and butterflies!


Thank you for flying by. I appreciate your honest and critical comments.