25 January 2014

Do You Remember Me : India Calling

Do you remember me?

She asks from our souls,
from every breath we inhale.
Many hopes she has,
a few dreams unfulfilled.

Her resources we use,
dig her up, frown upon too.
Her splendor unsurpassed,
the land of yoga, saints, Ramayana, Geeta,
with natural beauty so vast,
but have we done enough to preserve her tomorrow and past?

She’s withering away in greed, hunger, poverty, corruption,
crying endlessly to stop her abduction.

We need to pledge
the dignity, aura, glory ,
that she’s worthy of.

This will happen only,
when we all stand together tall.

On 26th January we celebrate our republic day and these thoughts came to my mind, as what we  have done to our country . Can we do something better for her?


  1. May her dreams come true, Vandana. Happy Republic Day to you!

  2. i wish we could do the same in the USA instead of just using her to fulfill our own greedy desires........i ask some similar questions...

  3. Happy Republic Day! I hope your message is heard and heeded.

  4. Happy republic day! A very inspiring poem Vandana :)

  5. Happy Republic Day! May your dreams come true. Beautiful poem :)

  6. Yes, we must, and soon, kiddo. Great write!

  7. You make me think of what we owe our own people in the USA, rather than standing by and watching destruction.

  8. A poem rich with a message of hope..the last two lines show unity in strength..I hope you enjoy your day.

  9. Beautiful write Vandana... :) May all her dreams come true...


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