04 January 2014

Birds Of Winter:Terza Rima

Birds of winter sing,
a melodic song,
wandering far wide sailing on wing.

Gelid winter weather, oh! so strong,
but tender feathery birds,
enjoy snowy splendor as they sing along.

They give music to unheard words,
warming every niche ,
and infuse zest to passing herds.

With their music of wavy pitch,
I’ll remember winter with songs to enrich.

The rhyme scheme for this form of poetry is "aba bcb cdc, etc." The second line of each tercet sets the rhyme for the following terce.The rhyme scene at the end of the poem looks like this: "xyx yzy zz”.


  1. Lovely poem...birds are a flying color palette to the drab gray of winter

  2. nice....def enjoy the splash of color...and the sweet sounds in the air...it lets me know spring will be here soon enough....

  3. "They give music to unheard words," - how beautiful and perfect! Yes, the world would be so much less without birdsong.

  4. What a sweet little poem. Thank you for sharing. Have a very happy new year.

  5. Aww your poem & photo made me smile and brightened up my day, so sweet :)

    Happy New Year, Vandana :)

  6. Very nice poem! I love watching birds :) Hope you're having a good new year so far.

  7. lovely poem for the birds...it is very windy and cold here today and our birds are hunkered down.

  8. I so love the hopeful songs of winter birds.

  9. Oh, it is good that there are SOME birds that like winter & still sing their tunes.

  10. Lovely! And so good to feel the loveliness of winter in song!

  11. I wish I can hear those bird singing now ~ Good work on the form too ~


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