31 January 2014

The Valley: Luc Bat

Under the shades of trees,
below a fountain's freeze, sun rays fall,
leaves smile, as they unroll.
Trickling dew drops call birds to sing,
where the bees hum in zing,
fluttering wings, sip ambrosia,
take pollen from dahlia,
kiss the magnolia and fly.
Sun peeps from azure sky,
earth looks with love filled eyes and prays,
a view full of maze,
over horizon ways unite,
hues of pink, red, white,
this union perfectly right, glows.
A river of smile flows,
then a happy boat rows, towards,
serene, pious worlds,
along with soothing words, fresh breeze.
The Luc Bat is a Vietnamese verse form and stands for "six eight”. It begins with a six-syllable line and ends with an eight-syllable line. Each rhyme occurs three times - first at the end of an 8-syllable line, then at the end of the next 6-syllable line, and finally as the sixth syllable of the next 8-syllable line. The poem can be as long or as short as one likes. 

27 January 2014

Night Queen : Terzanelle

Stepping on stars,
she waves her black hair,
and opens her shiny jars.

Descending down stair,
murmuring songs in peace,
she waves her black hair.

With heaven and earth at ease,
basking under night’s glory,
murmuring songs in peace.

Night moon visualizing this story,
dancing along warm breeze,
basking under night’s glory.

Moon rays shimmering, absorbing freeze,
tripping on waves,
dancing along warm breeze.

Night queen brightens dark caves,
stepping on stars,
tripping on waves,
and opens her shiny jars.

A terzanelle  is a poetry form which is a combination of the villanelle and the terza rima. It is nineteen lines total, with five triplets and a concluding quatrain. 

25 January 2014

O! Butterfly:Quatern

O! butterfly,  to where you  fly?
I see you rise to reach the clouds,
to kiss the mist, drink sunshine,
fluttering past watery mounds.

On to petals falling like dew,
O! butterfly, to where you fly?
imparting colours all so bright,
air filled with love and delight.

Hopping on flowers,
carrying the pollen,
O! butterfly to where you fly?
spreading life in and around.

Nectary juices flow abound,
buds of lilies surround with smile,
there you go flying  miles,
O! butterfly to where you fly?
A sixteen line French form composed of four quatrains. The first line of stanza one is the second line of stanza two, third line of stanza three & fourth line of stanza four. Eight syllables per line .

Do You Remember Me : India Calling

Do you remember me?

She asks from our souls,
from every breath we inhale.
Many hopes she has,
a few dreams unfulfilled.

Her resources we use,
dig her up, frown upon too.
Her splendor unsurpassed,
the land of yoga, saints, Ramayana, Geeta,
with natural beauty so vast,
but have we done enough to preserve her tomorrow and past?

She’s withering away in greed, hunger, poverty, corruption,
crying endlessly to stop her abduction.

We need to pledge
the dignity, aura, glory ,
that she’s worthy of.

This will happen only,
when we all stand together tall.

On 26th January we celebrate our republic day and these thoughts came to my mind, as what we  have done to our country . Can we do something better for her?

15 January 2014

A Blue Moon and the Yew Tree

Behind the yew tree,
hides a blue moon.
Its enthralling beauty ,
a silhouette of deity.

Blackness of space,
glows in faint light.
Simmering and flickering,
like zillion candles.

Silence of wild,
spread far wide.
But murmurous pond,
reflects the song of moon.
 The song so spirituous,
intoxicates souls .

Inebriated lovers ,
make abiding promises.
Their  eternal witnesses,
a blue moon and the yew tree.

13 January 2014

Quest of a Mermaid

I have dived deep to look for you,
braved sea storm and its creatures,
collected every pearl from its shell.

For only your silhouette in my heart dwells.

I still remember those days,
when we held hands,
splashed among waves.

But now they are just memories.

That fateful moment,
we stepped on demon’s chest,
and he turned you into pearl and laid to rest.

Since, then I scavenge sea’s heart, to find my love.

04 January 2014

Birds Of Winter:Terza Rima

Birds of winter sing,
a melodic song,
wandering far wide sailing on wing.

Gelid winter weather, oh! so strong,
but tender feathery birds,
enjoy snowy splendor as they sing along.

They give music to unheard words,
warming every niche ,
and infuse zest to passing herds.

With their music of wavy pitch,
I’ll remember winter with songs to enrich.

The rhyme scheme for this form of poetry is "aba bcb cdc, etc." The second line of each tercet sets the rhyme for the following terce.The rhyme scene at the end of the poem looks like this: "xyx yzy zz”.

02 January 2014

Memories of Spring

A few dry petals,
some crumpled leaves,
and seeds for new beginnings,
all I have as,
memories of spring.

Soon ice will met,
sun will shine,
and ground fertile,
for seeds to plant,
memories of spring.

Hope filled rain,
breeze of warmth,
and with love, care,
in full bloom will flourish,
memories of spring.