03 December 2013

In Her Own Dream World

In her own dream world she lives,
with the love of her life.
Where all seasons arrive,
everything beams and survives.

Perfect to the core,
full of happiness and hope.
Each moment to adore,
just wondrous to absorb.

A carefree ambiance,

magical doors to heaven.
Splendid radiance so pleasant,
countenance of moony crescent.

Her arms around him,
it's not any whim,
this is the mere essence of her existence,
for in her own dream world she lives.


  1. The title reminds me of how I live :)

    Lovely poem!

  2. The title reminds me of the way I live :)

    Lovely poem!

  3. I have visited on occasion. It's not all it's cracked up to be.

  4. hard when the greater reality is in that dream world...at least she has it but...

  5. Such a lovely dream world ~ If only her real world will also follow ~

  6. It will come to reality for sure because she has very strong intention! :)x

  7. This flowed like a dream ... beautiful :-)

  8. very nice Vandana...you should try this in free verse...


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