09 October 2013

Jellyfish in The sky

I swim, I swim,
in celestial sky.
Twinkling stars,
just like dreamy eyes.

I see, I see,
a mellow moon island.
As if,
an enchanting fairyland.

I feel, I feel,
warmth coming near.
A bright comet flying past,
and I cheer.

I touch, I touch,
planetary crust.
Spray it all over,
To mingle in stardust.


  1. I enjoyed the repetitions at the beginning of each stanza and the way they gave rhythm to you poem Vandana as well as the feeling of serenity you express.

  2. I read recently the jellys move slowly but quite successfully... I suppose touching one we could feel the stings in a violent universe that could come from them... But within such peace and a freedom found in the sea in all directions as our thoughts reflect outward to the sky...well, they glow and vibrate with phosphor light like your poetry Vandana

  3. This is beautiful, magical and mysterious. I love it!

  4. Interesting to think of their celestial joy. They are so deadly in the water that this really shocked me into realizing they are alive and probably have desires with nothing to do with human swimmers. I learn more about my racisms every day.

  5. Lovely images and rhythm - thanks for sharing!

  6. So beautiful, love where you took this.

  7. So creative...jellyfish in the sky. Delightful poem!!

  8. This is BEAUTIFUL, Vandana - swimming in the celestial sky. Unexpected and so delightful. Loved it. Your animated widgets are making it hard to click here, kiddo - they keep taking me to the animated widget page!

  9. nice... love the dreamy and playful feel of this...swim on..swim on...smiles

  10. Just lovely to imagine- this paints such a beautiful picture.

  11. Your poem takes the sting out of starfish, and gives them a new medium in which to swim. Lovely response to the prompt.

  12. Wonderful imagination here! Love the idea of jellyfish in the sky swimming in stardust! Thanks for this.

  13. I love yours-what a glorious view~
    Really imaginative and fun to read!

  14. To swim in that celestial sky ~ I love the dreamy & creative take ~

  15. Even though I don't particularly like jellyfish (those stings HURT!), I love this poem about them! Beautiful final line!

  16. I think most of us would like to do this, Vandana. Thank you for letting us ride along, it was so very pleasant. Now to brush off the stardust. I feel there is a little cosmic dust mixed in, it might have showed here had there been an extra verse. :)

  17. Thank you all:)

    Sherry Ma'am please try avoiding clicking on the animations and it 'll be fine.


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