21 October 2013

Love-Hate: Diamente

Passionate, Romantic,
Respecting, Appreciating, Caring,
Candour, Devotion, Deceit, Enmity
Insulting, Declining, Repelling,
Abhor, Scorn,

Diamente : The purpose is to go from the subject at the top of the diamond to another totally different (and sometimes opposite) subject at the bottom. A seven line poem, shaped like a diamond.
Line 1 = 1 NOUN ;Line 2 = 2 ADJECTIVES-;Line 3 = 3 GERUNDS- (verb + -ing) ;Line 4:= 4 NOUNS;Line 5 = 3 GERUNDS-(verb + -ing) ;Line 6:= 2 ADJECTIVES;Line 7 = 1 NOUN

09 October 2013

Jellyfish in The sky

I swim, I swim,
in celestial sky.
Twinkling stars,
just like dreamy eyes.

I see, I see,
a mellow moon island.
As if,
an enchanting fairyland.

I feel, I feel,
warmth coming near.
A bright comet flying past,
and I cheer.

I touch, I touch,
planetary crust.
Spray it all over,
To mingle in stardust.

07 October 2013

Torn Spirit

Among the iron fence,
stands a white rose.
Its thorns all gone,
borrowed by barbed wire.

Still fragrant and colourful,
But no freshness that’s cheerful.
Just a skeletal stem,
no hope, only glum.

It mourns for those lost,
who’ll never return home,
to the warmth of emotions.
A simple plain truth this rose says.

The rose wanted to be,
a part of bride’s bouquet,
and sing wedding songs.
But here it is, all torn and alone.