26 September 2013

My Lone Star

A bright lone star I notice afar,
shinning bright, soothing eyes.
I feel enchanted and charmed,
 such is its glory.

I’ll clear the sky of its stars,
except you my lone star,
and engrave
the deepest feelings of my heart.
For the universe to know,
what you are to me.
Not just a star in the sky,
but a star of my life.
I’ll travel light years,
just to be with you,
and Fade into you
to become your part. 


  1. A love-letter to a star. This girl will love the star always, but will love people, too.

  2. Beautiful, and goes along with my theme on love and cosmology, and our dreams... in the East as in the West the art that lives in our hearts, like the purity of our inner children, knows the same themes. We are the light of each others stars.

  3. romance and the stars... a wonderful combination...

  4. And the little star responded, "she's my little wildflower friend from the Lone Star State (our Texas)."
    A very lovely write Vandana, a tribute to THE star.

  5. Light and lovely! There is a charming sweetness to your words.

  6. What a beautiful love letter.

  7. Such a beautiful sort of longing.

  8. "At dawn you come to me,
    we sit side by side, watch the birds fly." ... and the "fade into you"

    This could be so many things... I love it!

  9. A love poem to a star... or... Whatever you make of that longing, I'll take it, and gladly. Again, your side-to-side formatting is so effective, even when it is the same voice. The line about "fading into you" make me sigh... lovely. Amy

  10. Is the you the star, or is your star someone else? No matter -- the longing shines.


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