07 August 2013

Morning Song

My heart sings a morning song,
I feel its soothing warmth.
Yellow sunshine drips in a dale
far and beyond.

A whiff of enchanting breeze,
skipping up and down the hills,
whispers priestly prayers,
all over.

Like clouds my soul drifts,
freely among towering cliffs,
visualising beauty so pristine,

Nature, cradles life with love,
embracing each and everyone,
singing gloriously to us,
the morning song.


  1. what a lovely morning...for me a new beginning each day...a new breathe...a new song...lots of beauty in this...love the nature touches...

  2. Such a loving and free poem. Honoring Mother Nature.

  3. Vandana, this is lush as all of nature is lush. Reminds me of the style of Mary Oliver... all attention to detail and to feelings evoked. Also, special honors for using the word "its" correctly! It's a pet peeve of mine, that one, and you nailed it.

    I'm going to come back in the morning and re-read this. Would you mind if I printed out a cc for my work space? Let me know. Peace, Amy

  4. :)thankyou so much Amy. I am so over whelmed with all this. Yes ,of course you can print it, no problems!!!take care..

  5. What a beautiful way to start the day!

  6. What a lovely poem to read this morning ~ let the morning sing and cradle us with love ~ Happy day to you ~

  7. It brings a soothing feeling.

  8. I like how you've captured the hope that a new day brings us. Somehow, morning always seems to bring a new strength with it, and a new appreciation of the good and beautiful.

  9. what a beautiful morning song...love her standing in that flower field as well... ah i wish for warmer days now..

  10. Pretty...a song is a wonderful way to start the day...;)

  11. Lovely song...reminds me of the beautiful lyrics in the song "Morning Has Broken" by Cat Stevens.

  12. This is a beautiful morning song of happiness....a good song for me to arise to today!

  13. A morning song... what a beauty to read in the evening.

  14. One hears a melody of nature - sweet, and fulfilling as one reads your lyrics here. Thank you.

  15. this drew me in ... so peaceful and enchanting.


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