23 August 2013


Edvard Munch "The Girl in the Window"  1893
All my emotions pour into you,
everything seems surreal.
No one I need,
just your thoughts I wish to heed.

I bow and listen to the quietness of dark,
silently losing myself.
Peace in heart and mind prevails,
off to far seas I sail.

Calmness of night holds me too tight,
its stillness sings a lullaby.
Clinching steadily onto memory’s veil I stand,
this solitude absorbs me in, as dunes of sand.

07 August 2013

Morning Song

My heart sings a morning song,
I feel its soothing warmth.
Yellow sunshine drips in a dale
far and beyond.

A whiff of enchanting breeze,
skipping up and down the hills,
whispers priestly prayers,
all over.

Like clouds my soul drifts,
freely among towering cliffs,
visualising beauty so pristine,

Nature, cradles life with love,
embracing each and everyone,
singing gloriously to us,
the morning song.