15 May 2013


 Oh! Lord Shiva in thy glory I bask,
no hard or difficult seems a task.
Giving me strength,
hope of unending length.
You held me always,
cared for all days.

Many blessings you rained,
protected me from uncertain.
Smoothened my thorny path,
healed this aching heart.
Freed from agonies,
restored inner peace.

In vast ocean our boats float,
harsh sun killing us till we rot.
Save us oh! mighty god,
You always helped us a lot.
Once more, please answer our heartfelt prayer,
removing every painful layer.


  1. Shiva and poetry these days. :)

    And i loved it. Keep praying. God is with you.

    Om Namah Shivaya. :)

  2. A beautiful plea, we do wish the deities would help us thus....

  3. May Lord Shiva hear and answer this poetic prayer into the heart of the world. Goodness knows we need some sort of saving.

  4. I needed this lovely prayer today -- felt like a song, rising up to the heavens with gospel-like emotion & rhythm ("Save us, oh almighty God!") -- more fervently at its end -- Thanks for sharing.

  5. I hate to think of all the castaways trying to survive on hostile seas. Thanks for sharing.

  6. it reads as a peaceful prayer and calls for a moment of pause.
    lovely words.


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