19 September 2012

For my little one

Oh! My sweet little flower,
Do you know what a wonder you are!

Your sweet giggles,
Make my life trickle.

When I see you playing here,
My world is just with you dear.

Keep growing and learning new things,
For you have to traverse the worldly rings.

You are my cute lovely doll,
Always stay happy, that’s all.

25 August 2012

I Can Feel You

Walking through soft snow,
Leaving behind the footprints,
In the river of my dreams I row.
I can feel you.

Going down the hill,
Leaving back the memories,
My desires have chilled.
I can feel you.

Wading through the water,
Leaving myself altogether,
For me only you matter.
I can feel you.

So hurt to hurt you

A tear trickles down my face,
When I think, that I hurt you.
My heart withers with pain,
When I think ,that I hurt you.
My sensations become numb,
When I think , that I hurt you.
You are my whole world, why did I hurt you?

I am so hurt, to hurt you.
When I think that I hurt you.

My Dreamland

I will take you to my dreamland

Where none can see us.
Only happiness to share
No cries, only care.

When you will look at me
I will smile at you.
Taking your heart away
Millions of butterflies will sway.

We will walk on rainbows
Dip in honey, Frolic in flowers.
Fill the air with love
And that’s my dream world.

God will keep us safe there
Away from all harm.
Tucked deep within our hearts        
We will never be apart          

The Lost Call

   I hear my reverberating call,
    Far off in the mountain.
    Hope that it will break the wall,
    Taking out the fountain.

For years the valley echoed,
Miles and miles running alone.
Banging every flower pod, 
But no one heard its moan.

Silently it died along,
Washed off through a creek.
None came to look furlong,
Its cry was so meek.   
 Years later a sound came,
 Calling for the gone.
 Nothing was left there,
 Not even the name.

A Wanderer

Let me fly high,
High up in the sky.
Let my wings unfurl,
Unfurl like swings.
Stop me not from going,
Going in the wild.

Stop me not from moving,
Moving to and fro.
My destination is unknown,
Unknown like the space.
My world is a wonder,
Wonder like a dream.

I’ll vanish in the wilderness,
Wilderness of the dark.
I am searching for truth,
Truth which is eternal.

24 August 2012

A Shepherd Girl

She wore a ribbon in her hair.
I asked ,"Who are you and going where?"
She said," she is the daughter of a shepherd and going to give him tea."

I asked'"where is your father's goat shed?"
She said'" above the hill and below the moon lies my father's goat shed."

Her father called her with a howl.
She quickly ran away with the tea bowl.

But I wanted to stay with her.
For she was as white as snow and as sweet as a rose.


The sun peeps through the hill,
And then goes away the chill.
By whose will this happens?
Not mine not yours.
The one and the only and that is God.

The wind is blowing,
The water is flowing.
By whose will this happens?
Not mine not yours
The one and the only and that is God.

The snakes are hissing,
The rabbits are burrowing.
By whose will this happens?
Not mine not yours.
The one and the only and that is God.