August 3, 2016

Since Eons...........

When dusky night slips in earth's hearth,
she remembers how the sky lit her up.

The warmth made her cosy days,
in such different  beautiful ways.

One promise he took from her,
never to cry when night stirs.

She promised with all her might,
and wait till dawn, the day-sky shines bright.

This is how life goes on for two hearts,
made for each other, 
                                  since eons................

Inspired by the movie: "Me Before You."

July 12, 2016

Song of the Lonely Whale

In the vast blue
he swims aloof
his songs no one can hear
the pain is too much to bear
unique in this whole wide world
far off from emotions he’s hurled
deep in oceanic glen and glades
song of the lonely whale.


July 10, 2016

Folds of Life

Folds of life turn over and over,
as wind plays in leaves and clover.
Each leaf vein carries story of yore,
many more hide behind the door.

When transitions unfold,
much words stay untold,
struggling to come out,
in open they wish to sprout.

Folds of life rise,
beyond the eyes,
and shut in our mind,
as memories we wish to find.

June 19, 2016

This is the Night of a Summer’s Day

This is the night,
of a summer’s day,
when daylights,
hide, tire and wane.

Moon’s cooling gaze,
fades summer’s rage.
Night’s magic all over,
floats till dawn,
as morning haze.

This is the night,
of a summer’s day,
when daylights,
hide, tire and wane.

June 17, 2016


all the treasures
I hold
are the
most precious of all
shining goodness
of your soul
my heart’s
essence glow
are the
only treasure
I behold

May 25, 2016


Lush green trees,
of summer’s breeze,
sing to us a melody sweet.

Pale green buds of new beginnings,
lucid white seed sprinklings,
happily feed the finches.

As summery hot days soar,
Oh! trees, your shades,
our scorched hearts  adore.

5th June : World Environment Day, lets do our bit for it.

May 20, 2016

Dreamy Sea: Rondel

Beautiful night, glowing moon,
it’s you and me forever to be,
night hums a mellow tune,
singing lullaby for me and thee.

Wishes fly in sandy dunes,
on the shores of dreamy sea,
beautiful night, glowing moon,
it’s you and me forever to be.

But this dream ends soon,
reality is different to see,
vanishing suddenly you and me,
dissolving in vast lagoon,
beautiful night, glowing moon.

Rondel: French poetry form; 13 lines. The rhyme pattern is A. B. a. b.. and .a. b. A. B. for the first two stanzas and a quintain for the final stanza that mirrors the first two stanzas, with the last line repeating the first line of the first stanza . The meter is open but like most French poetry, usually of eight syllables.