28 November 2019


I sense your presence,
all around me,
as if,
the universe,
is leading,
you to me.

Subtle whispers of your name,
float around me,
as if,
the universe,
is guiding,
me to you.

Endless longings,
to belong together, arise
as if,
the universe,
is binding,
us forever.

21 November 2019

Way Back Home

Your shadow
my parched heart,
drizzling love all over.

Soft fragrant rose petals,
your hands,
hold my soul,
caressing soothingly.
In your presence,
I have awakened,
and discovered my lost space,
never to lose again.

I wish to melt into you,
like smoke to dew,
find our way back home,
left somewhere long ago.

19 November 2019

On That Magical Night

Layer by layer,
you deciphered my soul,
as your sensations,
combed through me whole.

As the sun embraces,
the earth in eclipse,
your kisses,
adorned my lips.

I was,
under your passionate spell,
which only,
my heart could tell.

Your aroma,
enchanted my senses,
breaking all,
invisible fences.

In that moment,
I was yours,
and you were mine,
our destinies,
forever entwined.

Let our souls,
hop on to the,
melody of those moments,
absorbing them slowly,
in a union so pure and holy.

10 November 2019

Foot Steps Of Winter: Rime Royal Sonnet

I feel your whispers lingering,
among the orchard trees,
snowy mist is the wonderful gift you bring.
Life wraps blanket of cool breeze,
dark skies summon the azure blue sea,
orange, green hues turn to brownish shades,
songs of winter-glory, sing beautiful maids.

Days give space to nights in their hearts,
birds fly away to far summer lands,
a hint of nature for winter’s start.
Evening spills warmth hands in hands,
weaving lovely memories strand by strand,
on my door I hear winter’s footsteps,
now, it is time for the summer to rest.

Rime Royal Sonnet form: A seven line stanza of three rhymes, arranged with a rhyme scheme of; a. b. a.  b. b. c. c
First published in VerbalArt (Vol. 3, Issue 2)

29 April 2019

Mother Nature

Mother nature’s glory
And her simple stories,
My granny used to tell,
Beside the village well.

She would lead us to the mountains,
High above the sky, freely flowing fountains.
Among the clouds we would fly unscathed,
Our imaginations like fledglings newly hatched.
But, gone are those days of carefree stories,
Nature’s heart soaked in worries.
Man’s relentless exploitation,
Consume nature without hesitation.

Nature bleeds red with rust,
Her crown decorated with dust.
Oh! hear the plea, every nation,
Restore mother nature,
and save every future generation.

First published in Sky Island journal.

01 April 2019

One Day

One day,
we’ll write our love story.
The world will know then,
what it is to love,
and be loved.

Our worlds are apart,
we are  far, yet always near.
A love meant to be,
felt through words, emotions
and tears.

Our love story,
expands through the universe,
from past life,
to present,
and to the future.

One day,
we’ll write our love story.

01 January 2019

January Song

Only a heart filled with love,

can hear the January song.

A message from above,

breaks the wait of love.

Riding on the snow flakes,

a journey to earth it makes.

Spreading through mistral waves,

in many hearts this song awakes.

Winter’s charm,

full of warmth,

for love fills,

winter’s chilly air.

Tell me oh! dear,

can you not hear,

the January song,

before it’s long gone.