13 March 2019

January Song

Only a heart filled with love,
can hear the January song.
A message from above,
breaks the wait of love.

Riding on the snow flakes,
a journey to earth it makes.
Spreading through mistral waves,
in many hearts this song awakes.

Winter’s charm,
full of warmth,
for love fills,
winter’s chilly air.

Tell me oh! dear,
can you not hear,
the January song,
before it’s long gone.

09 December 2018

Simmering Smokes: Puente

Simmering smokes
rise to the sky
follow their own paths

~ let god be the connecting link~

joining their souls
across the universe
in holy bond

First and third stanzas have equal number of lines 
Middle bridge stanza is one line
Middle bridge stanza serves as last line for first stanza and first line for last stanza

09 October 2018

In Praise Of The Moon

Round and round you go on your voyage,
From stormy deserts to icy maze,
Shining your silvery facade.

Many beauties wait for the night,
For they bloom under your sight,
Primrose, Gladiolus, Lilies, Moon flower,
Crave for a glimpse of your light shower,
You are the dream of every dreamer,
Spinning dreams down the river.

Every night forests resound,
With thy lover’s featly sound,
As you drench the realm in white light,
Songs are heard from fairies and sprites,
Cold comfort of your embrace,
A soft breeze on earth’s face.

To your enchanting call, waves rise,
Splashing treasures that oceans hide.
Dancing to your tune on those nights,
Waves reach to great heights.
You are magician of the night sky,
Perched atop on mountain so high.

Round and round you go on your voyage,
From stormy deserts to icy maze,
Shining your silvery facade.

23 September 2018

The Colour of Nature: Sonnet

Its the colour of nature,
the ever shimmering green,
an absolute stunning feature,
standing out like queen.

Oh! when the dew drops drip,
upon the grassy leaves,
kissing their emerald-lips,
many dreams, nature weaves.

But, the grass is never green,
for he has a heart dark and mean,
the green eyed monster,
that resides in shady corners.

He rides on envy’s roller coaster,
and always remains the loner.

"Green" is my favourite colour.

28 August 2018

This Heart of Mine

As the waves rise to touch the moon,
this heart of mine yearns for you,
 you are the cloud of the sky blue,
and my heart, a parched land of torrid June.

Like waves, I wish to feel your cool touch,
how it is to be the lover of a love, lost,
to thaw your emotions that are buried under frost,
this heart of mine asks for this and not much.

You are the brightest star of my poetic sky,
shining and smiling from afar,
mesmerising me with your charm.

With you I wish to fly,
to your world my star,
where our love will spread its warmth.

Italian Sonnet, Rhyme Scheme : abba, abba, cde, cde

17 August 2018

Your Soul

I shall never be able to write,
words of gold, in,
a poem lovely as your soul.

A soul that shines bright,
under the god’s light.

A soul that guides my life,
and I ‘ll wait for you in the afterlife.

What shall I say more?
there’s no one as pure as your soul.


08 August 2018

God Is Everywhere

He shines in the morning dew,
resides in the scenic views.

He whispers among the flowers,
he is the dream, in dream- jars.

He drips through the rain,
slides down our cheeks, as tears of pain.

God is unseen,
but, we can feel him,
with a heart full of sympathy
and a life full of empathy.

God is “AUM”,
the essence of the universe.

Aum () embodies the essence of the entire universe and is the most sacred symbol in Hinduisim. It is the root of the universe and everything that exists.