15 June 2018

The Cry

Waiting in the crevices of heart,
lyrics of a forgotten song,
a feeble voice from unknown,
visible yet hidden
the cry of a broken heart.

A withered bloom in deep forest,
                        alive, but no breath,
                        waiting for eternal death,
                        with the hope of love,
                        the cry of a lost heart.

11 June 2018

Believe In Your Dreams

With the sun's first light,
dreams shine bright.

                                     Believe in your dreams,
                                     they are the cherished islands,
                                     for us to firmly stand.
                                                                            Believe in your dreams,
                                                                            every night they glow like stars,
                                                                            keep them safe in your heart's jar.    

06 June 2018

Who am I To You?

As I gaze at the night sky,
I see your face in the moon,
                                   Do you too look at me, as the one meant for you?

Songs of my heart’s yearning,
Spread far in the universe,
                                  Have you ever heard?

My soul, my life incomplete without you,
Your name engraved permanently on my lips,
                                                        Will I be the one who fills the cracks of your heart?

I wail and wait for you…..
                                        Do you too?

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03 May 2018

Essence of life

“My painting carries with it the message of pain." - Frida Kahlo

Essence of life
dipped in her blood
soil to roots
roots to soil
cycle of life
she gazes
in pain

11 January 2018

The City

This city
with countless people
like stars
some dim
some bright
some dying
never sleeps

Its voices
like waves
lost in
deep ocean

like serpents
drink lives
no mercy
no plea

like moths
search brightness

This city never sleeps,
its voices unheard,
city-roads dead,
road-lights flicker.

08 January 2018


As I lay on the forest floor, 
gazing at the starry sky,
I wonder about the blessings,

                 ~that are numerous,
                   than the stars passing by.

The sodden forest ground,
the smell of ferns and fronds,
chirping night voices,

~ earth's blessings,
   and bond,
   with creatures roaming along.

Soft brumal winds,
their tinkling hints,
snowflakes floating around,
jewels of wintry crown,

~ seasonal blessings,
   showered down.

03 January 2018

Unforgettable Journey of Life

This journey of life

a tale of joy
a tale of sorrow
endlessly lingering
afflatus of tomorrow

This journey of life

a wish fulfilled
a love denied
a friendship instaurated
with promises to abide

This journey of life

silently hides
          invisible blessings
          and prayers inside