Sprawling Autumn Ground

Sprawling autumn ground,
displays beauty, astound.

It's crystal clear ponds,
 teem with life,far and beyond,
fragrant floral blooms,
absorb life's gloom.

Ah! beautiful autumn,
gives a message so important,
to forget and forgive,
to live and let live.


Autumn Fest

Arrives secretly and majestically,

Under the burrows, above the trees,

Takes away summery breeze,

Umber shades in red, orange traces,

Mix with green leafy faces,

Now, is the time for bounty harvest.

                                                              ~ Autumn is the season,
                                                                 celebrating life’s fest.


My Dream Cottage, Somewhere

Surrounded by towering trees,
that sway to the song of breeze,
wild bushes lining the fields,
a scene of serenity and peace.

Red brick wall,
 a picture of glowing sun,
slanting slate roof,
a cup of sky turned upside down.

Dirt road running all over the hills,
with grassy sidewalks,
lead to the dream cottage,
located somewhere.


I love
the smell of decaying leaves
under tree shade
the great grandmother tree

As time heads on its path
leaves are set free
~lingering summer fragments
~ringing winter bells
~withering old life
to renew and shine within grandmother tree


The Old Man And The Sea

Veli Bariskan Photography

The old man and the sea,
gaze at each other deeply.

His wrinkles, his waves,
hide stories of pain,
of laughter lost or gained.

His withered ears, his freely flowing winds,
want something to hear,
may be a song,
that can mingle in winds along.

His weary eyes, his shiny gems,
search for someone,
to treasure them.

The old man and the sea,
ponder what’s gone.
But with each other,
they are no longer alone.


October Night

October night
tranquil and gentle
above hangs
a painted sky
starry spectacle
moony face
peeps through clouds
admiring earthy canvas
reveries into
unknown land
of fairy tales and magic wands.

October night
a magical delight
casting spells of lovely dreams.


Winter Door

 At the end of an alley,
is a winter door,
some say  a door to heaven,
where fairies and sprites live.

Some speak of a dark realm,
a portal safeguarding shadowy city secrets,
of lost path, of delusional youth lost in trance.
No one ever dares to trespass,
wonder what really lies behind,
the door engulfed in mystery so more.

As smoke rises behind the door,
within clouds it merges,
this will rain on city,
seeding the secrets,
that lie behind the winter door.